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WereGarurumon is Ultimate form of Gabumon.


WereGarurumon's appearance is similiar to his first form, Garurumon, but rather standing in a bipedal stance, having more 'werebeast' or human like frame, he has a scar on his belly and on his right eye, torn military pants and wrapped around with a variety of 'post-apocalyptic' like accessories, in this form, WereGarurumon is more on a bare-knuckle brawl-kind of attacks and relying more on physical strength and abilities than most of his other forms.

Digimon Adventure

In WereGarurumon's Diner,

In It's All In The Cards,

In Out on the Town,

In Wizardmon's Gift,

In Prophecy,

In Enter The Dark Masters,

Digimon Adventure 02

In Digimon World Tour, Part 3,

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Digimon Adventure tri.