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This article is about Digimon Partner. For Different Color Digimon, see BlackWarGreymon.

WarGreymon is Mega form and Final form of Agumon.


Unlike his other previous forms, WarGreymon's appearance takes form of a large dragonoid/humanoid form, donning gold "Chrome Digizord" Armor and possessing 2 clawed gauntlets called the "Dramon Killers/ Dramon Destroyers".

And despite being the shortest size among the 2 previous digivolutions, WarGreymon is the strongest among the three form, officially dubbed as "one of the strongest Digimons in existence", WarGreymon surrenders great size for greater speed and strength.

Digimon Adventure

In Prophecy

In The Battle for Earth

In Enter The Dark Masters

In Under Pressure

In Playing Games

In The Ultimate Clash,

In Ogremon's Honor,

In The Crest of Light,

In Joe's Battle,

In The Crest of Friendship,

In Piedmon's Last Jest,

In Now Apocalymon

In The Fate of Two Worlds

Digimon: The Movie

Agumon Warped Digivolved into WarGreymon, he and MetalGarurumon battle with Infermon in the Net before it digivolved into Diaboromon.

Digimon Adventure 02

In Duel of the WarGreymon

In BlackWarGreymon's Destiny

Digimon Adventure tri.







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