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Ken Ichijouji is originally the Digimon Emperor and later the final member of the new DigiDestined and second in command. He is partnered to Wormmon.



Digimon Adventure 02

In A New Digitude,

In Guardian Angel,

In Ken's Secret,

In The Emperor's New Home

In The Crest of Kindness,

In Genesis of Evil,

In If I had a Tail Hammer,

In Spirit Needle

In United We Stand,

In Fusion Confusion,

In The Insect Master's Trap,

In Arukenimon's Tangled Web,

In Ultimate Anti-Hero,

In Opposites Attract,

In If I Only Had A Heart,

In A Chance Encounter,

In Destiny In Doubt,

In Cody Takes A Stand,

In Stone Soup,

In Kyoto Dragon,

In A Very Digi Christmas,

In Dramon Power,

In Digimon World Tour, Part 1,

In Digimon World Tour, Part 3,

In Invasion of the Daemon Corps,

In Dark Sun, Dark Spore,

In The Dark Gate,

In Duel of the WarGreymon,

In BlackWarGreymon's Destiny,

In Oikawa's Shame,

In The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined,

In A Million Points of Light,

Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon

Digimon Adventure tri.


Ken and the other new DigiDestined members mysteriously disappeared after being defeated by Alphamon.



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