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Etemon is the second of the major villains in Digimon Adventure. Etemon is an Ultimate Digimon.

Unlike the first major villain, Devimon, and also comical and more of a crime lord than a dark lord.


Etemon is an an Elvis-type man in an orange monkey suit. He also has a stuffed Monzaemon attached to him. He sometimes carries a microphone or an electric guitar. He always wears shades, and never removes them.


Etemon has the character of Elvis Presley impersonator. He is often frustrated when people fail to acknowledge his over-inflated ego. Etemon considers himself to be a great singer, and often forces his minions to praise his terrible music. However, he also beats them up when they dance to it.

Unlike most of the villains of Digimon Adventure, Etemon isn't the most intelligent and tech savvy, as he relies on his Gazimon henchmen to work around his network system and computers. And its possible that Etemon captured Datamon so he can force him to access his webmaster, administering his network. To do this, he challenged the robot Digimon, and beat him, severely damaging Datamon. The ignorance of using the conniving robotic Digimon, however, brought some misery as after Datamon repaired himself and gained control over Etemon's network, just enough to torture Etemon.

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